About Sidhhpur

Sidhpur  is the Sacred domicite of  anevent Rushies, in India. Where the preacher of Sankhyashatra  Lord Shri. Adinarayan, being the part of his own Agnishakti, arrived  here on the holy bank of saraswati  & Sacred  Bindu Sarovar , on one  ampicious morning with  the  aim of  hd. Fulling with  'Karma' & 'Gyan'.As per old mythology at the endof "Tapasya" of  Mahashri Kardam the emperor of  Brahmavart king Shri  Swayambhu  arrives with his middle  daughter Devhuti, amongst daughters,  in the  domicite of Siddhas, at  Siddhshektra with   his wife Shatrupa as order of Shri  Naradji.  The king was very much unpressed  by the  co-leving of animals  & birds with love, with each other  by leaving their usual quarredship  aside. King entered the  Ashram & requested Shri  Kardam Maharshri  to accept his daughter for marriage.  As per blessings of various the  do  the  marriage ceremony was fulfilled  as per the procedues of Vedic culture & he has become the  "Adyapurush". Rugveda decribes in this  manner.  Swami  Manu  entered the  Siddhakshetra & the Marriage ceremony  of  Devhuti with Mahashri Kardam, perfomed as per the  tradition withes  of Shashtra.In chakshuka  Manvantar it is  shown that  Laxmi was  self – born from the chirping  waters of ocean which arrives  here to story with.  Lord Shri  Narayan.  The beginning of Manu can be consideved the ancient time  of this Siddhakshetra During  present vikram Samvant 2043  this  Tirth is Passing through  1, 97, 29, 41, 091 the year. As per " Chakashush  Manvantar"  this  Siddhakshetra was built & developed for residing of as per the  order of Lord Shri Adinarayan by  Shri  prachimadhav who  was first  founder & pioneer of  "Sculpure Culeure"  prachimadhav  accepted to story  here  on the  bank of Saraswati.Munishri  Durvasa is  holl famous in purans for  giving  "Shap" others once upon  a time due to "Shap" of Muni  Durvasa,  Laxmiji  went  away  in  "Kshirsagar" & stayed there.  Due to  abesence of Laxmiji  whole the world  become unlightful, poor and  unpeaceful.  All the Gods has become nervous went to Lord Shri  narayan  for remendu.  As per the instruction  of Lord, the "Samudra Manthan"  took  place, in the beginning of  Chkshush  Manvantar" in which  God  & Rukshasha worked together from  which 14 Diamonds come out,  Laxmiji  was one of them.  Thus on receiving Laxmiji, the seen  Gods  had become lightful & proper out of these 14 Dimonds the severe  poison & Amrit  also derived.  The No.  of  Amrit is  14th other occasions  one  taking  place in between these two incidents.Shri  Laxmiji  residuing here in the form  of shri prachimadhav, with  Lord Shri Narayan.  Being delighted   place lord  decided to stay here to full fill  desire of Laxmiji, it has become  well known & popular int he  name  of Laxmiji as  "Shrithal" from  the ancient time .  We can see  the  proof  in "Sangh Puran of  Prabhas Khand."      It is believed  of  Sixth  century.  Thus  this firth was here known in  sixth century also.Dev – Gandherv – Yakshl Siddhel – Charan Further  this  Tirth have become well known as "Siddhakshetra" etc.  names due to reside of pannagudi  Devo  with  Shri  Prachi Madhav.  Before the  arrived of  kardam Maharshi , Several  Siddhas  were residing over here form very ancient time  , Bindu Sarovar has semained beleved & holy  Tirth for  Matrugaya amongst pillgrims of India.Of has become popular by  "Shri Kapilmuni" who was the preacher  of "Sankhyashastra" on the basis of  knowledge of nature & human being  is  equal on this earth.  The various  ancient names of this Tirth are found  as under in the old khand religious  books.

(i)      Shristhal – (Skandpuran – 1st khand)

(ii)     Siddhkshetra – (Shribag – 3 A – 33 Shloka- 31)

(iii)    Siddhsthal  Siddhashnam – (Shri Devibhan Skand 8A 21 Shlok-16)

(iv)    Sukhanagari – (Vayupuran)

(v)     Siddhpur – (Advait Ramayan)

             Shri  Brahmayo also preprred  to stay in Siddhpur , in Brahma  Kshetra.In " Puranas" two indications we receive (i) Prayagraj in Ghansthan & (ii) Siddhkshetra in Nabhisthal so  far  as this word is decribed as female.   In  this  area Brahmadev made a holy  "Yagna" in ancient time  lord Shri Brahmandesh were  remained present in that " Yagner"  himself, So this field is called as  "Prajapati kshetra" also, more over it is  well known as the "Karmabhumi" of  Kardam prajapati  So  also  it has  become more  popular as "prajapati kshetra in shastras." Lord Mahadevji  of kailash has also founded "Sadmahelaya Tirth"  here.  It is  as holy as Kedarnath, where Gur deeld foreth theus are  getting "mukti by the holy proceedeue of "Shraddhas" & re-birth is  avoided by  taking bath here. In this Tirth, Bhimsen drunk the blood of  Dushashan  by aloashing  the kauravas in the  war of Mahabharat.  But the has become free from his sins. By  talking bath  in Bindu Sarovar   & holy ariver Sarawati & Prayed the God Shri Prachi Madhav.River Ganga who was very upset onece upon time with  the sins of pilgrims left in het own,  went a way to almighty Lord  & requested to make her free  from all these Sins.  Lord  instructed Gangaji  to arrive to  getter with Yavanagor & Saraswati  on the  bank of river saraswati to  clear the sins on the pilgrims,  particularly on the eve of "Sangum"  of Kartiki purnima & at Bindu  Sarovar Since years. The  elder brother of Lord Shri  Krishna, Balramji  denshished sat puran & made prayashchita of  Bindusarovar on the bank of  river Sarasati  to be free from the sins of death of Sutapurani  There is an indication of this  mythelgy  in Shrimad Bhagvata.

There are four Bindusarovar :

(i)      One is of Siddhpur.

(ii)     One is at Bhuvneshwar  (Near Salgav)

(iii)    Third is at Kurukshetra.  

(iv)    Fourth is at Himalaya.

Out  of which  the Harsh Bindu Sarovar is the anevent.Lord king Shri  Manuraja arrived in the  ashram of Brahmashri Kardam , with green Shatrupa Devhuti.  He has become the theire arranged marriage with  of nine children out of which  one bright & personality  daughter  was mata Ansuya, who  was  the wife of Lord  Dattatraya.Lord king of  this  place, Lord Shri  Parshurama after the  arse cination of his  mother  word here & there to be from  the his of assecination of  his  mother.  But  at no  ---------  in the world his could get  peace else where.  At list he arrived at Bindu Sarovar in Alka Sarovar donated 800 Bhar of Gold & then his Skill had become while in Stead  of Black themade "Pindadan"  ther after the become free from the sins of his mother.   The  Tirth Shadha is described in 18 -1y coloms of Shri  Saraswati Maha adhyay.Several  wore incidents are recorded in shastras by  shrimad Shankaracaraya &  Vaishvacharya  that  the Bindu Sarovar is the main salred place of Matrugaya  tirth. Shrimad Shankaracharya  kept a side from  cloths in  the eve of death of her mother  & Put on while cloths & Gremeted her  mother in the promises of the home.  That Shankracharya  also  made Shraddhkarma  behind  her mother after three years in  Bindusarovar Shkeshtra. From the ancient books of mythology  it is certified that Shri Nimashkacharya astrablished his Ashram at Kadambvadi & instalted a bell rimging that Matrugaya  has been Started by me.  That bell also  the proof of that incident. In ancient  time  Bhima, after  war of Mahabharat, also Visited Bindusarovar, for  the  procession of Matrugaya  of Kruti,  Shri  Madhva Charya Vijayandra Satya Prasannaji  Maharash --- also  made Matrugaya  at  Bindusarovar.  Move over spent his last  50  years in the Bindusarovar. Shri Ramanujacharya  astalished koti Kanyadan Celebration on the over of  Ramanujacharya which  is well known as Rajgopalacharya. Shri Ramanandacharya  Established Ramanupitha at the -----of  Bindusarovar & Raghuvaracharya  establish  dankal which  high  lights Bharat Bharskar  Vadanta Keshare Shatdarshanacharya Saha travadhani. Shrimadi Vallabhacharyaji also made Bhagavat Katha of  84 Bethakji, he  established 72nd Bethakji  & had become free  from matrugun which  is also  a  well known place at Bindusarovar. Paravati  an old woman saw the  Martis of Brahmadev Karam prajapati  Kapilmuni , Devsharma, Vishnusharma, Vishnu yaga etc  since years she prayed the God  & Raja Amrish  realiged the darshan.  This  incident is decribed in shangapuran section , 13 shloka 35-36 of Arblada khandel. There is Shri  Dwarikadhish  mader at Bindusarovar after long prayer of Shri  kind Dashanath, parikshita, shaur sharma  Narayan Darji & Damodardas , that  statue ultimately  set at kankaroli which  is  indicated in Dwarikadhish, Prakatya book.Lord Shri  Shwaminarayan Bhagvan  Shri  Sahajanand Swami also visited Bindusarovar for the Shraddha Karama of Shrimati Bhaktimata.  He arranged a mass - so much Bhatibhojan of Brahamins for Siddhpur  & presented copper vesel big given  for the Brahmin Gnati ever today small  & big rich & poors pilgrims are arraging  for to devote their holy homage by way  of  Matrugaya Shraddha from the varrious  parts like Nepal  Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh, Mausure etc.  Even  Mohandas Karamchand  Gandhi (Gandhiji) also part in Matrugaya process – history  indicates that.