About Bindu Sarovar

Maharshri  Kardam who was born by chhaya wife of Brahma Dev  was encouraged to Brahmadev, "By accepting the order Maharshri  KardamStarted to find the Sacred  place for his  "Tapascharya" for the  ful fullness of his  work on the bank  of saraswati, at Bindu Sarovar, he decided to story  here at Siddhkshetra (Siddhpur).   To fulfill the order of his father he got into Samadhi for 10000  years, to get the blessings of  Lord Shri Adinarayan. Due to longtime ' Tapashcharya' Lord Shri  Adinarayan  become present before  Shri. Kardama & Kardama  requested him to born as a Son,  of  his  home.  Due to long Tapashcharya & Such type of demand the sacred tears from the eyes of lord dropped & the  "Bindu Sarovar" was created.           Thus Bindu Sarovar , has become " Matrugaya Tirth " , Since the ancient time first amongst  all,  the  Tirths ,  situated in , all  over the India.            

        Bindusarovar Tirth is well known  from the Ancient time.  Matrugaya  shraddha in this  area provides  Mukti  from the birth  & rebirth to  the  Late mother.  So  many  pilgrims  have got mukti  by  dvoting their  pinddan.  Proless, even mother transform, herself by way of  Matrugaya into the Paltern.  As  per shloka of Saraswati Mahatrugaya  shlok.  So from at to 100 in  these shlokas descutped that by  hearly  feeling  who ave matrugaya  process in honour  of their  holy late mother will definitely get the maker frem birth &  rebirth.

         Mata Devhuti  when left for  honourly  abround from that  date matrugaya  process & its tradition had been Started.

         In eleventh  century  king   of Gujarat Mullaraj Solani  who  assassinated his cousin & ruled over the Patan , could not get the eternal peace or  mental  aquarium  just  to get rid  from such  sin he started to  construct the  glorious Rudramahalaya  with the blessing of  Lord grand Son.  Siddhraj  Jaysinh.  By  Looking  to the monument of Rudramahalaya  we can the observe the demolish structure by the hands of   Yavan &  anti religion people.